About our T-shirts

They're perfect for any occasion*

Perfect for nights out, gym sessions, a quick trip to the shops or just for house-lounging - you could even wear it in bed, if that's your thing.

Our t-shirts are digitally printed, meaning they're super soft (none of this ironed-on crap), comfortable to wear and easy to wash (best keep it at 40°C though).

*Actually, thinking about it, they're probably not that suitable for job interviews or funerals, unless they're pretty laid-back affairs... 

Which is the right style for you?

All our t-shirts come in 7 different designs, each with a choice of colours and sizes, so finding the right T-shirt is a doddle.

Scroll down for the other t-shirt styles available. You can select the perfect colour & size before you buy.

(Want a bespoke size or colour? Use the yellow button at the bottom left of the screen to get in touch).

We're Social Responsible...

Check us out with our 'fair trade' shit.

Our t-shirts are 100% ethically-sourced, organic cotton, meaning no kids, animals, or ozone layers are hurt during the making of your clothes.

As part of the Fair Wear Foundation, our manufacturers promise to treat workers fairly, and pay them well (no child/forced labour or 200 hour work-week rubbish here.

If that wasn't enough, we are 'climate neutral', meaning our garments are made using renewable green energy from wind & solar power.

So you can suck our furry wands, Primark - we're so much better than you. 

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