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We despatch all our orders using Speedy Delivery, meaning you should get your order within a day or so.  

If you're in a hurry to impress your friends with your new purchase, you can upgrade to Courier delivery.


See that green padlock in the address bar? No, up a bitTo the left of the website address.

That's the one.

That means that your card details are as safe as houses. We use the most up-to-date secure card processing systems to ensure your details never fall into the wrong hands.

You can even use PayPal to check out if you prefer.


We take pride in supplying the very best t-shirts we can source, and we're so confident in our quality, every t-shirt comes with a 5 year quality guarantee.

If, at any point in the next 5 years you're unhappy with the quality, just return it to us, and we'll send you a replacement, free of charge.

Note: this guarantee does not apply if:

  • The shirt was ripped whilst wrestling with tigers/bears/crocodiles or any other sharp-toothed mammals or reptiles (unless you supply video footage of the damage taking place, in which case you'll get a new shirt and a lifetime of respect)
  • The shirt has been damaged whilst juggling open cartons of industrial-strength acid (watch those pretty eyes of yours...)
  • The shirt is faded, ripped, or half-eaten as a result of being stranded on a remote South Pacific island ("Wiiilllsonnnnnnnnnnn!!!!")
  • You've washed it every, single, bastard day for 5 years (if this is the case, 'Mister Obsessive', then you've got bigger problems than a worn-out t-shirt. Go see someone.)


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5 Year Guarantee

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